1. What sizes of containers are available?

We carry all standard ISO containers to fit all your needs. We carry in stock the below used units:

  • 20' and 40' standard 8'6" tall units
  • 40' , 45' Hi-Cube 9'6" tall units
  • Both aluminum and steel units


Speciality equipment such as Open Tops, Flat racks, Platforms, 40' refrigerated containers, Office Container BestBuy Container can also build new units to fit all your needs, and stock 20' and 40' new units.

We also have used containers that are WWT-Wind/Water Tighr or CE-Cargo Worthy; containers also as-is units, this type of container are 8 to 12 years old.

2. What steps are involved when buying a container?

  1. Phone us or fill out the BestBuy Container online Quote inquiry.
  2. Upon agreeing to purchase, you will be emailed an invoice.
  3. Payment of invoice and receipt of funds by BestBuy Container
  4. Upon our receipt of funds, we will arrange the shipment right away and make the notification of arrive date.

3. What processes are involved in moving equipment into Canada from China?

Once BestBuy Container places the order with the factory and the units come off the production line, a contract is entered into between BestBuy Container and the steamship line. BestBuy Container works with many steamship lines to ensure timely delivery of your new units. After contracts are negotiated with the steamship lines, the line then finds the cargo to fill the unit. The time it takes to find freight, depends on the freight availability for the final destination. The steamship line will then update BestBuy Container with an ETA and a vessel load listing. When the units arrive in North America, the steamship line then releases the new units to the consignee. The consignee is the company for whom the freight is destined for. Once the consignee strips the units of the cargo, the truckers will contact BestBuy Container for a drop off location. Typical time for the unit to be stripped is approximately 2 weeks.

5. Can I pay with my credit card?

We accept Credit Cards Along with Wire Transfer, Bank Draft, or company check. Contact your sales representative with any questions you may have regarding payment.

6. What is a Letter of Assignment?

A Letter of Assignment or LOA is received after an order is completed. The LOA is used only in areas where units are sold first out of the stack. For example, if you place an order for 20x40' units off the top of the stack, the unit numbers will not be known at the time of the order. Instead, you will have a "blanket" Release Reference. Upon receipt of all 20 units, BestBuy Container will confirm with the terminal or yard which unit numbers were received and apply the specific unit numbers to your release. You will then receive a Letter of Assignment indicating the units received. This is for your records.

7. "Delivery Notification" Does this imply I will receive my units soon?

The Delivery Notification serves as notification that your new units have been designated for delivery to your location. Some steamship lines like to have a point of redelivery before the units even leave China. Others simply contact BestBuy Container when the units are stripped of cargo. The notification is a rule of thumb that lets you know the unit numbers you should, but not necessarily will, receive in the near future (typically 1-4 weeks).

8. What happens if I receive a unit with major damages?

Upon receipt of a new one trip unit with damages, immediately contact BestBuy Container. Document all damages via photos and repair estimate and send to BestBuy Container with-in 48 hrs of receipt of damaged container. We will then contact the steamship who brought the unit in. A surveyor will then be sent to the customer's location to inspect the container. BestBuy Container will then negotiate an acceptable amount for discount after the claim is settled with the steamship line.If you receive a used container with major damages, immediately contact BestBuy Container. Provide pictures and a written estimate of damages. BestBuy Container will work with you to resolve and issues concerning excessive damages and were unknown to BestBuy Container and the customer at the time of sale. In all cases, pictures and written estimates are required.

9. Why don't the unit numbers I received match my release/invoice?

If you have received a unit number that is not on your release, please contact us immediately. If your driver is still on the terminal/depot facility, we can swap the unit out immediately. If the unit has been delivered to you, we will then determine if the unit is in sales status (available to be sold) or if the unit will need to be returned. The sooner we are alerted to the discrepancy, the sooner we can rectify it.

10. Can I order units?

Yes, you can place an order with BestBuy Container for new or one time used containers. We use a professional purchasing department and factory inspectors to ensure the best quality at the best prices. We are always building new units so we may already have some units on the way to your area. Contact your local sales rep for more detailed information.

12. Where can I find interior/exterior dimensions on my box?

A container that is going to be shipped internationally must meet several requirements. The container must be surveyed by a certified marine surveyor to ensure that the integrity of the unit is structurally sound. The unit must have a current CSC Plate (Container Safety Convention) if the unit is 5 years or newer or a valid ACEP sticker (Approved Continuous Examination Program) if it is 5 or more years old. If a unit does not have these, it will be rejected for loading on the terminal. Also, all steamship line decals and markings must be removed from the box. We refer to this as de-identification or neutralization. We can provide both inspection service and de-identify or neutralize the unit prior to pick up at a terminal or depot facility and the cost will be incorporated into the price of the container.

13. What is a SCAC Code and why do I need it?

A Standard Carrier Alpha Code is a unique two to four letter code used to identify transportation companies and was created to facilitate the computerization of the transportation industry. It is also used to verify that trucking companies have the proper insurance to enter the terminal. Once a company is set up in the terminal system with the appropriate SCAC code, the trucking company is registered. This will cut out any unnecessary wait time incurred when a transportation company does not have the proper identification set up prior to entry at the terminal.

14. Why do I have to neutralize/de-identify my boxes after purchase?

All steamship line decals and markings must be removed from the box. We refer to this as de-identification or neutralization.

As part of our terms and conditions, the requirement to neutralize the containers is legally required because that container is no longer part of the shipping line/leasing company fleet.

This will prevent any future confusion about who owns this box. Unlike chassis, which have titles/registration to prove ownership, containers have prefixes and numbers along with logos. Units that are not neutralized can be viewed as breach of contract and repossessed.