3. What processes are involved in moving equipment into Canada from China?

Once BestBuy Container places the order with the factory and the units come off the production line, a contract is entered into between BestBuy Container and the steamship line. BestBuy Container works with many steamship lines to ensure timely delivery of your new units. After contracts are negotiated with the steamship lines, the line then finds the cargo to fill the unit. The time it takes to find freight, depends on the freight availability for the final destination. The steamship line will then update BestBuy Container with an ETA and a vessel load listing. When the units arrive in North America, the steamship line then releases the new units to the consignee. The consignee is the company for whom the freight is destined for. Once the consignee strips the units of the cargo, the truckers will contact BestBuy Container for a drop off location. Typical time for the unit to be stripped is approximately 2 weeks.